Segmented Bowl

People who love to craft designs from wood have made amazing art using this particular woodworking method. Some of patterns are quite spectacular and your project can be, too! Among the many masterpieces that I’ve seen online, my all-time favorite is a segmented bowl. The one that I saw was really beautiful and way the pattern spiraled into the bottom of the bowl gave it great depth. One day soon, I plan on making one for my own home.

You can start by deciding on the general shape and size of your project and the appearance of your final work. You also need to consider the color and design pattern you want. Consider the species of wood to use to contrast the different colors and final appearance.

The best way and most cost efficient way to make one of these bowl is to create a block of wood gluing strips of wood together of different thickness and colors. If you repeat the design on each side of the center you will have spiral design on each side to the bowl. The block should be between 2.5 inches and 3 inches thick when finished. You will then cut boards from the block you just glued up, you need four boards, and thickness is variable. You will need to need to cut rings from these boards. Use a compass to draw the rings so that they should nest inside one another. The rings can be cut out with a scroll saw or a band saw; if you use a band saw do not glue the center of the block; you can tape the boards together to draw the rings. The rings can be glued together later.

From large to small, each ring is slightly larger than the previous ring. It is critical that the surface of the rings be smooth and well sanded, any blemish will be highly visible in your finished work. The rings overlap each other by a half inch to three quarter inches, when gluing these rings together it is important that the rings be centered within each other and the stack as vertical as possible. The side walls of the finished bowl will be thin 1/4 to 3/8 inches, if there is excessive wobble or the stack is not vertical you will cut through one side and a lot of work will be wasted.

The stack of rings will not be perfect, but should be glued together as carefully as possible. Rotating the rings as you glue them together will create the spiral design.

The Joy of Painting Pictures

When first starting to paint on a canvas it was a total new experience for me. My first baby was just a few weeks old and while walking with him past a shop it was fun to go in and explore the paints and things on display. Something inside was pushing me to buy some and have a go. Selecting a few student oils on the advice of the shop keeper it meant taking some canvas boards and brushes along with me.

A nice picture of the Darling River in New South Wales was the inspiration for my first painting. Believe it or not that work still hangs on the wall in my home some 48 years later. Despite it being in student oils it is as good as the day it was painted.

Since then many paintings have followed and graduating to artist oils was not such a big deal. The results are magic and over time they seem to grow in colour and perfection. Tempted to put a few in exhibitions was another experience as it taught me that good paintings are valuable to others as well as myself.

The gift artists have to draw and paint beautiful scenes is extra special and many have natural talents born within them. This happened to me. As a young child there were always paintings pouring out of me over paper using chalk as the medium. That was all there was available in those days as it was during the Second World War years mainly.

With memory of my reincarnation it is highly likely that in my previous life art was one of my pastimes. Carrying such things over from one life to the next is something my experience taught me. This was emphasised because of the other language that also came with me and through which my communication with the Spirit of the Universe continued.

It was obviously that link that led me into the craft shop that day and which has guided my hand ever since. Painting is one of those wonderful hobbies that allows the inner voice to be heard. It sill guides me in everything I do and probably no more so than while painting and writing.

For anyone who believes they would get pleasure from expressing their talents on canvas there is nothing stopping them from giving it a shot. They don’t need much to start and there is no telling where it might lead them. They don’t need to even draw these days as one can project an image onto the canvas and paint it. There are also many different techniques and paint mediums now that range from water colours to pastels and so on.